Teacher's Day was celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm on 5th September. Various competitions including Quiz, Musical Chairs, Bombing the City, Rangoli competition, etc were held for teachers. Teachers also presented some graceful dances in the form of Highland Dance, Kolata nritya, etc.

The results of the various competitions are as below
Recreational Games

1)      Musical Chair

I place           -   Ms. Sumalatha S.

II place          -   Ms. Reshma Vavhal

2)      Bombing the City

Winner          -   Ms. Sowmya S.S.

Rangoli Competition

I place           -   Ms. Roopini R.M.

II place          -   Ms. Laxmi Devi

Consolation Prizes : Ms. Rekha B.M., Ms. Rekha D.K.


I place           -   Ambika Team

                          Ms. Vanishree K. & Ms. Manjula H.C.

II place          -   Tara Team

                          Ms. Praveena P. Kulkarni & Ms. Saraswati B.

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